Common conversion scenarios

Our potency results typically display two types of units, but if you wanted to know how to do some basic conversions, we compiled some common ones. Don't see a conversion on here? Send us a support ticket and we'll help you do some math!

Determine mg per container when you only have mg/g

To calculate from % to mg per container or mg per unit, or mg per package, here are the following conversions; 
In the report we provide mg/g.


What we want to know is mg of THC in a container. Let’s say an entire container is 100g and you have 0.10 mg/g of THC reported. Keep in mind that the 100g does not include the weight of the actual container, just the contents inside (butter, salve, edible etc.)

You would multiple analyte of interest in mg/g x entire container in grams = mg in container

0.10mg/g x entire container ingrams = mg in container

0.10mg/g x 100g = 10mg of THC in 1 container

Let’s say an entire container is 8 ounces and you have 0.10 mg/g of THC reported.

First we need to convert the grams to ounces. There are 28.3495 grams per ounce

Convert mg/g to %

0.10 mg/g x 28.3495 g/oz x 8 oz = 22.6796 mg of THC per 8 oz.

If you just want to convert mg/g to %, you take the reported mg/g of the analyte of interest, and move the decimal to the left. For instance, 10 mg/g is 1.0% . To convert from % to mg/g, move the decimal to the right. 10% is 100mg/g


Convert mg/mL to mg/g to %

First, you need to convert from mg/mL to mg/g

You will need to know the density of your product which is located on our reports for Tinctures, Oils, and Butter sample types.


analyte of interest in mg/mL x 1/(density g/mL) = mg/g


Let’s say the density is 0.900 g/mL and the reported value of THC is 20mg/mL

THC * (1/density) = THC mg/g

20mg/mL * (1/.900g/mL) = 22.2 mg/g THC


You can then convert mg/g to % by moving the decimal over to the left which becomes 2.22% THC



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