Can I get a Professional Consultation?

Can I get a professional consultation?

With cumulative decades of scientific knowledge and research, we can assist in perfecting your cultivation and manufacturing processes.


Dr. Kymron deCesare, our Chief Research Officer, has over 33 years’ experience teaching laboratory science at UC Davis and conducting research in a variety of fields. He is a practicing pharmacognosist, clinical researcher, chemist, herbalist, and trained physician assistant with over 40 years’ experience. As a pharmacognosist, Dr. deCesare has a lifetime of focused study on terpenoid-rich plant medicine, with additional work in alkaloids, lipids, and flavonoids. His research partner Dr. Don Land is Chief Science Consultant for Steep Hill; he is a faculty member of UC Davis’ Chemistry Department.


As Chief Research Officer of Steep Hill, Dr. deCesare trains Steep Hill scientists and serves as a developer for various research programs, protocols, and methods. Kymron is regarded as an industry leader in the cannabis science and analytical testing market. He is sought after as an expert and lecturer on the complexities of the cannabis plant for healing in the medicinal marijuana market, development of specific therapies, and protection against contaminants. He advises growers, developers, and consumers on all aspects of the cannabis industry.


Best Practices: Our team has the vast experience necessary to help new businesses and entrepreneurs navigate the ever-changing landscape of commercial cannabis cultivation and manufacturing. If your company is developing new products, we can help streamline your process from concept to production. If you are a cultivator, we have experts to help minimize pests and contaminants while maximizing plant potential.


Scientific Consultations: Our team consists of Ph.D.’s and experts in a wide range of cannabis sciences. We have tested thousands of samples since we first started and we are excited to share our findings! Steep Hill generates and analyzes data to help entrepreneurs and businesses enhance and refine their products.


Regulatory: Steep Hill has consulted in both official and unofficial capacities for many local, state, and federal governments. We were part of the consulting team contracted to help develop regulations for the Washington State Liquor Control Board under the I-502 statutes. We frequently aid regulators seeking to study and establish sensible cannabis quality assurance and safety regulations.


Processing: From organic, outdoor cultivations to state-of-the-art extraction systems, we’ve seen it all! Our dynamic understanding of scientific methods and techniques enables us to help organizations cultivate, process, and regulate all facets of this burgeoning industry.


Cultivation and Remediation: Lydia Abernethy has joined our team as Director of Cultivation Science to assist cultivators and grow collectives in troubleshooting issues which lead to regulatory failures. Ms. Abernethy and her team provide environmental sampling services, integrated pest management programs, cultivation assessments, and more to improve production practices for this industry. Additionally, Ms. Abernethy assists cultivators navigate state regulations and avoid common production pitfalls which often result in substantial economic losses.


Consultations can be done online or in person at our Berkeley headquarters.

Dr. Don Land and Dr. Reggie Guadino are available for consultations specific to their fields of interest. Dr. Land specializes in chemical analysis and instrumentation; Dr. Guadino is an expert on genetics with over 10 years’ knowledge of scientific patents. Dr. deCesare’s broad scope of work is mentioned above.

Fees and Scheduling

Steep Hill’s consultation fee for our senior science staff is $350/hr, cultivation and remediation 195/hr with general inquiry's at $50 per 15 min. First consultation includes complimentary 30-minute introduction period, allowing you to explain your intended goals and desired outcomes.

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