How do I publish my results to Weedmaps?

The QuantaCann can quickly publish results to Weedmaps by following these steps:

  1. On the scan page, click on the user icon on the right hand side to bring up the settings panel.
  2. Choose whether you are a dispensary or a delivery service.
  3. Enter your Weedmaps Dispensary Id and click Save
  4. Go to the Media page on the top header
  5. You will now see a Weedmaps icon on all of the samples
  6. Clicking the Weedmaps icon will bring up a dialog where you can see the results to publish as well as the ability to edit the name that will be published to the menu.
  7. You can also select an existing menu item from Weedmaps to publish results to

If there is no item with that name on the menu, one will be created which can be further edited in Weedmaps.

Note: The Quantacann does not currently measure CBN and will be reported to Weedmaps as 0.

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