What is Steep Hill's GenKit?


Our GenKit is a DNA based molecular diagnostic service, which uses, depending on the test performed, one of two advanced nucleic acid methodologies to interpret the "true genetics", the DNA sequence, and provide meaningful information to breeders and growers.

GenKit allows growers to identify males in record time to maximize yield. You collect up to 8 plant samples,  mail them to our lab, and identify your males in less than a week! Results are available online. Our take-home GenKit includes a simple user guide, eight sampling packets, water-proof labels, a tracking card, and return envelope with web-based integrated tracking. Our postage for submitting GenKits to Steep Hill is prepaid, so you can give it to your USPS mail carrier or drop it off in any post office dropbox. 

If you're interested in ordering GenKits for your seedlings, please let us know by emailing support@steephill.com and include your name, shipping address, number of kits, and a phone number. Once we have a quote ready, we'll give you a call to collect payment over the phone. Otherwise, if you are a retailer and are interested in reselling GenKits, send us an email, and we'll connect you with one of our account managers.

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