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It’s important to verify your sample name when completing an intake so your reports and labels have the right information on them. Per company policy, we are unable to change your sample name or batch information after payment.

Labels are available on your desktop for samples that have cannabinoid* or terpene tests. A “create label” button will appear after all the tests for that sample have been reported. Click on the button to get started

*Labels are unavailable for express potency tests, but they will be available in the near future!


Samples that do not have tests reported will display a white button (see image below)

Select your logo

Having your logo on a label is optional. If you want your logo to appear on our labels, we recommend uploading a high res. version of your company’s logo.

Choosing a label

Avery 5160 1” x 2 5/8” rectangle

  • Reports up to 6 cannabinoids or 3 terpenes
  • Combinations of cannabinoids and terpenes are allowed. This label allows 3 rows, and each row can have either 2 cannabinoids or 1 terpene. Ex: You can report 2 cannabinoids and 2 terpenes
  • You choose to include your batch ID

Avery 5160 Address Labels 2 5/8” x 1” vertical rectangle

  • This label is the same label type as above, but prints vertically
  • We recommend using this label if you have lots of analytes to report. We can report up to 13 analytes
  • Your logo will not be visible on this label
  • You choose to include your batch ID

Avery 5167 Address Labels ½” x 1 3/4” rectangle

  • Reports up to 2 cannabinoids only
  • Batch ID unavailable

Avery 6450 1” circle

  • Reports up to 2 cannabinoids only
  • Batch ID unavailable


You can either print from your browser - we recommend Chrome or Safari or download the PDF and print locally. We recommend feeding your avery label paper through the printer’s manual feed tray. Look for an icon on the printer that displays whether you should place your sheet face up or face down. Or, use a plain sheet of paper and mark one side “up” and run this practice sheet through the printer to see which side prints.

When you click to print, the printer dialog box gives you options to choose the manual feed tray and to print on label stock instead of plain paper.

Make sure the 'fit to page' option is not selected prior to printing.

Questions and Feedback

If you still have questions or feedback about label printing, email us at 

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